This story contains descriptions of lust, longing, and love.
The day begins on a bluebird Saturday morning as Sea Bee and I head on out to Parker, Arizona. I mentioned I wanted to check out this hippie bar located out in the Sonoran desert, she was willing to tag along.

We find the dirt road just off the main highway and four-wheel along the bumpy trail for a few miles before reaching the Desert Bar. Run entirely on solar power, it seems like the entire population of town is out here.
HipstamaticPhoto-538786159.520865 We gather together our cash and buy a round or two of drinks, find a couple of chairs and set up for a relaxing afternoon of day drinking and listening to the local band play songs from the 1970’s.

We talk effortlessly in intimate tones, sharing our deepest thoughts with ease. She tells me a past abusive relationship, childhood stories of catching toads and lighting them on fire, and how she never pays it forward when people buy her food in a drive-thru. I tell her how I was harrassed and almost killed by Muslim extremists in Kenya.
As the sun starts to set, we find a grocery store to get food for dinner. Sea Bee and I try not to eat red meat, so I laugh in amazement when she says she wants steak. I go crazy and buy two huge t-bones, probably trying to impress her.

We head back to our VRBO and light the grill on the upper deck, watching the sun go down over the mountains and the Colorado river. Parker sure is peacefully quiet this time of year. We snuggle under blankets in the night sky and talk late into the night.
Sleep comes easily enough to us both as we lay side by side. I tell her I feel like an old married couple, she laughs nervously as she knows it’s true.

The next morning I make the coffee, Sea Bee the breakfast. Our comfort level is off the charts. I think she just has a way of relaxing people around her, but it feels extra special between the two of us. I don’t think she sees it.
We pack up the car to head back home, but with a plan to stop at the El Dorado Hot Springs in Tonopah. I had told her about this place and the fact that it was “clothing optional”, which got her all excited. She’s always been more open-minded and free regarding sexuality, which is something that I admire.

When we get there, we both find the place interesting and a little sketchy, but we are determined to make the best of it. We find that we can reserve a private tub in a couple of hours, so we find a local bar to get some liquid courage in us first.

We get the Desert View tub back in the corner with a great view. Sea Bee and I keep looking at each other with hesitation, then she takes off her top.

“Let’s just do it, everyone else is!”

and then her bottoms fall to the ground.
I quickly undress myself so she doesn’t feel weird, and the adrenaline rush of being so free is exhilarating. We slide into the tub together, the electricity from our naked bodies soothes and stimulates.

“Don’t look down, and I won’t either.”

But of course that doesn’t happen, and curiousity and desire are the stronger forces at play here.

She gets closer to me, her breast rubs against my arm. I start to massage her legs as she breathes heavy sighs.

“Have you been aroused this entire time?”

An hour later and our time is up. We decide to keep this brave new adventure going and head over into the communal area. Nakedness and freedom are on full display, but we follow the adage of “when in Rome, do as Romans do“.

We finally get dressed after a while, foregoing to put on underwear, me in just my shorts and her in a summer dress with nothing on underneath.  We stop to get milkshakes and decide to find a local Asian massage parlor in Phoenix to end our weekend.

She doesn’t tell me until the next day, but she needed a massage to try and relax her sexual frustration. I tell her I felt the exact same way.

I guess we both took care of ourselves as soon as we got home.

Happy Ending to us.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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