Box Canyon Falls

The tiny town of Ouray comes into view as the sun rises over the San Juan mountains. Special, that is the word that comes to mind. I’ve no set itinerary for the day, I’ll let Ouray lead the way.
 I stumble upon Box Canyon Falls, and after a crash course in history, I’m ambling my way along the trail in the cool morning air. It doesn’t take me long to leave the crispness of the day and find myself in the darkness of the canyon itself.
The cascading water is refreshing to both my body and soul. I find a dry spot at the base of the waterfall and watch the clear spring runoff smooth over rocks as it makes its way downstream.
I leave this spot to find rickety bridges to cross, dark tunnels to explore, and more mountains to climb as I explore all that Box Canyon Falls has to offer.

Which, it turns out, is quite a bit.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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