He hears about an oasis in the Verde Valley, and wants to know more. Another life time ago, the man lived in the Verde Valley but all he can recollect is how this area is full of the poor and desperate people just trying to make ends meet, living in trailers and trying to stay off drugs.

He is only one generation away from white trash himself, and most days he still feels trapped in that economic status. The pandemic hasn’t helped, as the beard has grown into it’s own entity, perpetuating the stereo-type.

The Parsons Spring trail is about eleven miles down a dirt road, taking the man far from the small towns in the Verde Valley. He descends into the canyon, heading for the crystal clear river that is running below.

He finds swimming holes with families setting up picnics under the shade of cottonwood trees. He goes further and creeps along the edge of a cliff, marveling at the water below.

He goes on until the trail ends. He sits in silence in one of Arizona’s most luxurious riparian areas, wondering if the virus has found its way here.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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