Previously, I had mentioned about the Circle trail in Prescott, Arizona, and my attempt to find an entry point that led me to riding Goldwater instead. After that great morning ride, I head on over to Watson Lake to find another entry point of this 45 mile loop around the city.

The entry point here was much easier to spot, as it was right out of the parking lot. Watson Lake is a beautiful area with sandstone formations littered around the water. The trail circles the lake for a few miles before heading off into the desert flatlands.

Some people have a hard time seeing the beauty in the seemingly stark and barren landscape of the desert. With time though, one comes to truly see the desert with new eyes.

In addition, there are always hidden treasures that have been left behind by others. Junk to some, but relics of mystery and wonder to myself. Rusty pieces of the past.

I ride out here in early summer to escape the stresses of the last few months of isolation and quarantine. I let the heat bake my skin, the dirt and dust envelope my lungs in a healthy way. The wind whips my beard into a ZZ Top like frenzy.

I can not solve the problems of the world out here, but I can find peace and solace, and that helps me ready my mind for another work week. The rat race of life can be difficult, and the balance of working five stress days only to decompress over two days before jumping back on the work wheel again is something I can’t wait to let go.

Only thirteen more years until I hope to retire.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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