My finger tips are frozen as I finish the last of the apple. Head is swimming in a haze, and I stumble as I try to stand up.

I need to get off this mountain quickly before I do real damage.

The fog is thick as cake batter as I slowly stumble along. The first 1/2 mile or so was brutal, but after that the wind shifts the clouds off the mountain and the sun comes out. My appendages are more than grateful for some warmth.

I get some truly epic views of the countryside on my descent, but am still somewhat dizzy from the altitude. Everytime I stop to take in the scenery I weeble wobble like a child’s toy, but luckily I don’t fall down.

I take the descent faster than I should, and I know that my feet won’t be happy later on tonight. Regardless, I am thrilled with my overall time on Ben Nevis as I make the final turn off the mountain.

I hit the tarmac and hobble the last two miles towards Fort William. I stop at my new favorite Indian restaurant and eat ravishly before heading to my bed for the night.

I need to rest and recover from today’s climb, as tomorrow I continue with a another walking journey….

The Great Glen Way.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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