After my first night in Austin, Texas, I pulled back the curtains to gray skies and big raindrops cascading down from the heavens.

Not the greatest first view of the city’s recreational jewel, Lady Bird Lake. By mid morning the rain seemed  as though quitting time was coming soon, and their were plenty of people out on the trail along the lake, so I thought I’d venture outside.

The humidity must have been 99.9999%, and although the rain wasn’t steadily coming down, it felt like a sauna. Interesting conditions to take a stroll around a new city.

Before I make it a few feet though, I’m stopped in my tracks by devilish looking creatures with large brown eyes and long, sharp claws. Texas squirrels. These creatures were not shy, in fact they would scurry down the trees and come to within inches of me, looking ready for battle.

Past the angry squirrels, I enjoy the lush greenery of the park, turtles along the river banks, bright red birds singing from branch to branch.

People are boating, kayaking, paddle boarding along the lake in the rainy mist, enjoying their weekend. As evening comes, I head to the Congress street bridge to watch the Austin bats fly out from underneath for their evening meal. The black swath is surreal as it goes from tree to building before leaving sight.

The sun sets over the water through the trees. Even at night, the park holds you in safety and comfort.

As city parks go, one is hard pressed to find one better than Lady Bird lake, even with their killer squirrels.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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