My first album I heard of theirs was the band’s eighth studio album, Billy Breathes, and I was hooked from literally the first song. Being a fan of the Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead already, Phish became a staple of my music from 1996.
I’ve been on a sort of quest of late, going to as many concerts as possible this year. The reason is yet unclear, it may be as simple as getting out in the world.
On second thought, that is it.
This led me to George, Washington, land of the Gorge Amphitheatre. Awestruck would be one word to describe it. A night of magical music as the mighty Columbia River is flowing in front of you, carving through the Gorge, out to the setting sun.

I setup on the expansive hillside, me and 25,000 other people. I smile to myself as pipes, shrooms and joints are passed around openly, no worries with this peaceful crowd. I sip my cold beverage and relax in the grass, waiting for the show to begin.
Nearly four and a half hours later, the show ends. It was phenomenal. Phish allows every ticket holder to download the entire live show for free! Who does that these days?

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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