Port of Edmonds

In times of turmoil and unrest the old man finds the most comfort in the mighty sea. The repetitive, endless nature of the tide, boats that gently rock like tinker toys from his childhood on the waves, the sweet call of ocean birds to the mighty creatures below the ocean’s surface. Yes, the writings of the Old Man and the Sea resonates deeply within his feeble frame. Perhaps out here he can find his own Hemingway tale.

Into a trance he goes, although it is more of a fog of the mind. The medicine he took earlier starts to blocks out the negativity as we venture further out into the Salish sea. The overcast day fits the old man’s mood like a glove. A massively dark circle of gulls consume a local fisherman’s boat.

The first mighty whale makes an appearance. Then another, until the entire family pod surfaces. They pay the old man little attention. Nature observes us two legged land creatures with curious eyes before re-focusing on the task at hand…survival.

He finds it curious how uplifting his soul becomes with each breach, a whale’s tail smacking the ocean’s surface, the playful dolphins that surf the boat’s wake, the funny seals that fights for a spot to rest on the bouys of the sea.

The skyline of Seattle comes into view as we slowly go past the weekend activities of tourists and locals alike along the pier. The ferris wheel that slowly turns while couples exchange quick kisses while taking pictures of their perceived happiness. The infamous hotel where the Beatles and Led Zeppelin stayed, the Seattle Aquarium that the old man visited so many years ago.

Circling back around to the Port, the old man reflects on the day. Content for the moment, he wonders how long the feeling of seeing whales will keep his wanderlust at bay……as nothing seems too concrete at the moment.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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