The 2011 Utah college football season has been rough so far this year. Too many tough losses have left us crying in our beers.

But we keep our chins up, and find ways to lighten the losses, like a night of post game karaoke. We aren’t the karaoke singing type, but for whatever reason, it sounded like fun. ( Which was needed after another Ute loss)

We head over to the American Legion, a haunt for Veterans here in the SLC. With cheap drinks and monster sized steaks in our bellies, we all get up the courage to belt out our favorite tunes to the crowd.

Missy and I start off the night with a woeful rendition of Journey’s “Don’t stop believing”, after which Jared and I bring the crowd to their feet with the barenaked ladies ” If I had a million dollars”

T and I sang “Islands in the stream”, and Jared and I also butchered the classic “Saturday Night Fever.”

Em’s recorded the antic’s, but the quality isn’t that good, and the singing even worse, so I dubbed over our horrid sounds with something a little more pleasant. I love our tailgating crew.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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