My first vinyl album was from The Who. Sadly, I no longer have the record nor the kick ass record player, only memories. When I heard the band was touring in the USA, I figured it was time for me to relive the memories of youth and see them before they were six feet under.

In the picturesque town of Reno, Nevada, I watch the sun set and fill the sky with crimson as the opening act takes the stage. If you haven’t heard of Vintage Trouble, I highly recommend a listen. Fantastic!

I should, perhaps, do a little more research on shows before I get tickets, but for me, therein lies the excitement. Tonight’s show, unbeknownst to me, was a complete replaying of Pete Townsend’s rock opera, Quadrophenia.

After the two hour rock spectacle, The Who’s encore included a hour of their all time classics. They proved to certainly be one of Rock n’ Rolls all time greatest bands.

At the end, Roger and Pete let the “younger” people of the audience know that life only gets better with age, and to never stop rock n’ roll.

I don’t know about the first, but fully concur with the latter.

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  1. That is awesome 🙂 I am totally bragging here, but JD made Pete's jacket for when they played at the Super Bowl a few years back. It was pretty groovy.

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