So 9/13/2008 marked the 2nd annual 5K in West Bountiful for Founder’s Day and my sister’s memorial scholarship fund. I find that with the passing of time, events such as this not only are great character defining moments, but opportunities to give to a world so much larger in scope then our own individual lives. I know that for me, this event opens my eyes to the greater need for charity worldwide, and how each person’s contributions, whether in donated time or money, are invaluable. On Friday in LA, a terrible commuter train disaster happened, and it appears that the cause of this was the train conductor texting while operating the train. This tragedy resonates the importance to bring to light the disastrous consequences of distracting driving, such as i hope the 5K does. This past year i’ve been fortunate enough to involve myself in several different 5k events, supporting such causes as Breast Cancer awareness, cancer research, support of my local community parks and recreation, building schools and communties in Kenya (**i’m doing this one next weekend**) and the dangers of distracted driving. I find great personal joy to be able to do this, and hope to expand my involvement in the years to come…….Thanks to everyone that came out this year, or supported through donating to the Scholarship Fund. Janae dressed for the Iditarod (tough get up to run in though). Granted it was a little chilly before 8 am. We were just glad to see her up at that time……
Aaron showing his unbridled enthuasism.
Trudi’s friend Tal. I’d never met him before, but as soon as we saw each other, somehow we knew exactly who each other was. I pretty sure he just arrived back here in the USA from Israel. Honored to have him stop in the WB to support the 5K.
The Heart and Soul of this whole event. Excellent job Mom and Pop!!!
Jared’s fam (minus c-bug) after the run. Sydney even ran/walked the whole thing, and Em pushed Cedar the entire way as well. let me also give prop’s to my Bro’s, who all kicked my trash in finishing before me. ( I, of course, was just happy to finish. 36th place among the Men though, i’ll take it)

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