I wake up feeling different, as though the best version of myself was on display.

Strong. Content. Peaceful.

Ready. Today I will cross Rannoch Moor. I had absolutely no idea what was ahead of me, but I’ve lived long enough now to recognize that special quality in the air when something magical lies in wait.

I leave the Inveroran valley quickly as the West Highland Way trail climbs a small hill. The sun is trying to break through the few remaining rain clouds from last night’s storm. The rays of light streaming down towards earth start my eyes to water. It’s going to be another emotional day on the trail.

Being the most remote section of the entire trail, the open grasslands and inspiring craics and waterfalls are truly wondrous. I found myself being choked up with gratitude, tears streaming down my face as I surveyed my surroundings.

This is where one comes to make peace with God“.

I see a young woman finds a smooth, large rock in a field, sits down, pull out a tablet of paper and just start writing poetry. One man opens a book to read, another starts drawing the landscape before him. A couple holds each other tightly in a loving embrace. I fall to my knees and pray, thankful to be alive.

The long trail cutting through the valley before me starts to incline. As I reach the top I see the slow, slow descent into another valley, and also get my first glimpse of Buachaille Etive Mòr. A vortex of positive energy rushes through me, taking my breath away.

The best way to describe walking towards this great mountain would be akin to meeting your Maker. The power in this area made one feel so insignificant yet connected to this universe in a way that I find undefinable. All body pain vanished, no worries or stresses held me down. I only wanted to be closer to this power of otherworldly goodness and light.

I finished this section by arriving at Kingshouse. I was having a taxi pick me up as their weren’t any rooms available at the only hotel in the area. It allowed me though to see a section of Glencoe that most walkers miss, the spectacular canyon we drove through that took me to my accomodations for the next two nights, Kinolochleven.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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