“Have you rappelled before?”

“Once, but not a free fall rappel…”

“You’ll be fine amigo. Keep one hand down by your cuco (butt) and keep the other one free, up in the air, waving and giving the thumbs up. Ok?”

Just like that, the instructions were given in friendly Mexican fashion, and I was teetering on the edge of the mighty Cenote Maya. Excited, a little frightened, but with my adrenaline taking control of my body, I started my descent….

Quickly the scenery changes and I try to slow myself down to try and take in the majesty of the cenote, but it is all too much to comprehend. Before I know it,  my feet are getting wet….

I get the harness unbuckled and swim towards the platform built in the middle of the cenote. The water is cool at first, but my body quickly adjusts and I focus on how clear and clean my environment truly is.

The Mayan people have built a small zip line, jumping platforms of various heights, and a rope under the water that extends to the far end of the cenote so that one can traipse across if you choose.

I go for the highest platform, summon courage, and run off into the darkness.

It’s such a rush I do it again and again, loving the splash and rising to the surface amidst the surging bubbles and clear water. I walk the underwater rope and find small black catfish everywhere. I swim backstroke most of the time so that I can soak in the view.

For my first day in Cancun, it was incredible, to say the least.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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