2018/2019 was a record breaking year for snowfall in Northern Arizona. The Snowbowl ski resort outside of Flagstaff was able to stay open until early May, which is unheard of around here. With all this snowfall, I knew a return to Snowbowl was in my forecast…..

It was early March before I made it back onto the slopes. Im trying not to become that person that tries to cram in as much activity as possible into my remaining years on this earth, but in all reality, it is inevitable.

I arrive early to admire the untouched groomed lines on the ski runs. Its a cloudless day, full of blue skies and pristine temperatures. Run after run I ski, my body seemingly doesnt want to quit, until it reaches the point of perfect exhaustion.

When I need a break, I head to the patio for live music and a dark ale. This weekend the band is playing Grateful Dead covers, which always puts me in the best frame of mind.

I feel just enough energy for a couple more runs before heading down to Flagstaff for the evening.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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