The day before Halloween 2009 we were putting together the desks in the office of my brothers new business venture.

He now employs my brother, sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, my parents have a franchise ( and my Dad can retire later this year because of this), and hundreds of people have work because of him. Plus, his cleaning business only uses environmentally friendly products.

I couldn’t be more proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He works his tail off ( as anyone who has their own business can attest too), rarely having any time to relax. Luckily his wife decided to change that, and treated him and me to a great night out on the town of the SLC.

We decided to try an eclectic new restaurant in downtown, The Copper Onion. From starting with ricotta dumplings and fresh asparagus, to Argentinian wine and zabaturon steaks with shredded brussel sprouts, it’s one constant party in your mouth.

Or, your lovers mouth.

Rock of Ages stage at Kingsbury Hall.

After a few hours of decadence, we headed up the dark streets to Kingsbury Hall to see the musical, Rock of Ages. I didn’t know anything about the show other than it featured  great 1980’s rock n roll
hair bands. The music of our high school years.

Screaming and singing like a girl with a side ponytail and guys with big mullet hairdo’s, we rocked the almost three hour show. Funny, irreverent, and sexy, a perfect combination of entertainment for us. Hope my brother had a good time, as he certainly deserves it.

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