So Emily decided that we should make salsa on labor day this year. I was pumped as the NFL starts on Thursday, and i need football watching food desperately. I arrived at their house early (around 815am) Monday morning and went right to work chopping peppers, onions, (my poor ojos!) garlic, and all kinds of other yummy ingredients. Em got a new recipe this year from her Mom, so we made zucchini and peach salsa. I, as always, mixed ingredients by eyeballing the amounts needed ( who needs a stinking measuring cup!)

This was after about fours hours work.
The master canner with his pots bubbling away. you can’t see jared’s Big Spoon, but it’s a classic.
Cedar was a good sport the whole day since we couldn’t play with him, but he and Syd pretty much entertained themselves. pretty much…..
15 hard, long, tiring hours later, my pantry is stuffed with jars of salsa deliciousness. If you come over to watch football, you’ll be well rewarded.

2 Replies to “Salsa for Sundays (and every other day)”

  1. Hey I think you should give Mark that recipe and get him going on some canned salsa! Seriously, I really would like the recipe. I love Peach Salsa!

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