So after the disaster with my boat last weekend at Strawberry, Jared and I spent this week working on doing boat repairs. After fixing the trailer tires, taking out the illegal fuel pump, putting in a manual hand operated one instead, re-wiring the trailer lights, and a whole lotta luck, we took the boat up to Rockport to trying our hand at trolling ( as long as the boat ran…)

Successfully the boat ran without a hitch the whole time, and me Syd and jared had a good time fishing. We didn’t stay long as this Labor Day weekend the weather hasn’t been the best (it’s a torrentual rainstorm as i’m typing outside) and was pretty windy…
Poles are in the water and we are cruising the lake for the Big Ones (which were everywhere according to the fish finder)
Sydney showing off her picture taking skills in the Cuddy where she was protected from the wind and splashing waves…
Sydney was super happy that my boat has it’s own toilet. She broke it in…
After a few hours on the lake, we decided to call it a day, only one fish today, but it’s a Beaut!
Bringing the 1959 Dorset out of the water. We got two different compliments from people. One was some English dude telling us the story of how he had this same boat back in England when he was a kid. Pretty Cool! the other was from a group of people who commented, and I quote ” that boat kicks ass” Indeed it does, fellow boaters, indeed it does.

Sydney trying to do her famous picture pose while holding the fish

After we made it home. I discovered the gigantic hole in my pants where the whole right butt cheek is hanging out. That fish must have put up a bigger fight than i remembered. Good Times!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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