I have a goal, albeit not one with any strick adherence. I want to see a game in every stadium in the USA. Today I made it one step closer towards reaching that goal.


Coors Field, in downtown Denver, Colorado, is home to the Colorado Rockies. Baseball and summertime are a perfect combination of sights, sounds and senses. The smell of the newly cut grass. The anticipation of that first pitch, the aroma of beer, hot dogs, and cotton candy. It’s all so vintage, so childlike and innocent.

In the early innings, clouds roll in from the Rocky mountains, and start to paint their picturesque sunset.

Through the fourth, fifth and sixth innings, people chat with friends, catching up on life events. Families laugh and strengthen bonds, and the sun sets over the evening.

Drama ensues before the seven inning stretch, and like it is being queued in an act from a play, the night sky delivers.
The magic of the game on a Saturday evening will always keep me going back for more.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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