It’s been a few years since I last came out to the Sycamore Canyon area. I failed to find Sycamore Falls my first time out here, but felt I had a much better handle on it’s location this time around.

I should know better than to be so cocky.

I find the trailhead I was looking for, the Sycamore Rim Trail, and see a crude map that has the location to the Falls marked. It seemed like a pretty straight forward circle loop.

I get started, and soon find myself in a bog, stepping over a small snake that looks up at me curiously. The wet winter the West received has the whole area covered in new green grass.

The further along the Sycamore Rim I get, the more resounding the notion that I am not on the trail to take me to Sycamore Falls. I accept defeat willingly, and continue along the Rim anyway. The solitude is beautiful as I watch the rain clouds slowly make their way towards me from the North.

A couple more miles in and the rain starts to fall. I decide to head back that same way I came in, as the trail doesn’t seem like a loop at all. Eventually, I make it back to my car, and already plan for a return trip in the Fall to once again attempt finding the Falls themselves.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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