All of the snow that fell earlier in the week has melted, turning the trails in the Vortex into a slippery, wonderful mess. I pull up the zipper on my puffy jacket and start hiking. Today I am taking new trails deeper into the Sedona backcountry.

With well marked trail signs along each route, I find navigation comes easy, and the fear of getting lost is put to bed. A mile or two in and the sun has warmed the earth to a sufficient degree that I can remove my winter coat.

The morning has Jeepers out climbing the Red Rocks. I sit and watch them pass, thinking back to a time when my brother and I used to Jeep ourselves in the Red Rocks of Moab, Utah.

I go further into the Secret Wilderness than I ever have before, finding jaw dropping beauty the deeper I venture. Cris-crossing from one trail to the next, I weave all over the Vortex.

I meet a group of mountain bikers a few hours later. Seeing them triggers yet another flood of memories of my brother and I again, mountain biking each free weekend we had all over The West.

Seeing them has sparked my own renewed interest in biking, which is why you have seen, and will continue to see, stories from different biking trails in Arizona going forward. The world just looks better on two wheels.

After I finish hiking, I head over to the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park for some relaxation and meditation. The prayer flags slowly flap to and fro in the soft breeze.

I leave feeling fully energized after another day in the spiritual Vortex of Sedona.

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