The afternoon is slowly making its way towards dusk as we go deep into the red desert for our final destination of the day.
Sheep’s Head Canyon.
Barren and open is the landscape as we start our hike. In the silence you can hear the small pitter patter of feet. You look up and see a lone coyote watching from above.

Nerves settle in as the group gets spread thin, and I find myself looking over my shoulder. Will I become a scavengers meal?


The canyon closes in on itself, and a ladder leads one up. I see a black crow eyeing me, he lets out a piercing caw that echoes endlessly.

A small pool is below the wood planks we walk. Our guide tells us that snakes live in there during the warmer months, and that a dog and owner fell into the pool just yesterday.
I see the marks of a struggle, and shudder over what must have been a terrifying experience.

Resting my head against the smooth stone, a surge of power flows through me. The ancients believe in the healing properties of copper and other minerals.
Properties found in the Great Earth I rest upon.

As the sun begins to set, Stetson drives us out to a rocky butte in the middle of the desert to watch the sun go down.

No sound except for the occasional grazing cow and the click of shutters. Crimson clouds and purple rocks fill our memories.

2 Replies to “Sheep’s Head (the finale)”

  1. thanks! Antelope Canyon, at certain times of day and depending on the season, has beautiful shafts of light that shine down from above to the canyon floor ( Think of Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is in the map room.)

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