On the evening after my first day of adventure in Tulum, I get a text message stating that due to the current high winds, my Sian Ka’an tour for the following morning would have to be cancelled.

I was visibly disappointed, hoping that the winds would shift so that I could go on the boat to see manatees, but as the night grew darker I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

The next morning after breakfast, I get a bike from my hotel and just start riding down the coastal road to explore. To my surprise I find the entrance to Sian Ka’an at the end of the road, a couple miles from where I was staying. Cars and bikes are entering the preserve, so I pedal up to the older gent at the gate and inquire about the cost to enter. I think it was only 200 pesos, but all I have is a five dollar bill (US currency). I give it to him and he smiles from ear to ear from the generous tip. I enter the biological preserve…..

Thick jungle on both sides of the dirt road. I can only hear the animals and birds that live within as I make my way along. The ocean is close as I can smell the salty air and hear the ocean waves breaking on the shoreline. I get up the courage to enter a small path that has been made by cutting down palm trees, and find a paradise waiting for me on the other side.

I keep going, my rickety bike shaking uncontrollably as I ride mile after endless mile. I come to a sign that makes me laugh at first, but then I realize the serious nature of the warning. Jaguars.

I haven’t seen another soul for hours at this point, and realize that if I keep going solo, my safety is at risk. So sadly, I turn around (which is a better idea than becoming a meal for the elusive creature).

Sian Ka’an is peaceful, and although being out on the water would have been a great adventure, biking solo worked out well as an alternative.

I find a quirky little taco place just on the other side of the gate entrance, and make quick work of some of the best vegan tacos on the planet.

All in all, it was a great second day in lovely Tulum.

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