I wake up to my first full day in Tulum, ready for an adventure. I’ve booked a tour with Edventures months ago, so I can’t really recall exactly what is in store for me today. I make my way to the Tulum ruins area and get fitted with snorkel gear and coffee. We then head into the jungle.

First up, a morning zipline ride.

My elbow is still sore from the slow healing fracture. This makes me a little nervous, but I find minimal pain as I zip my way through the Mayan jungle. I even go upside down a few times just for fun.

At the end of the zipline is a rock wall made to represent a Mayan ruin. You have the choice to climb up and rappel down the other side. Some in the group choose not to do it, and I should have been in that group, but instead I forgo my instinct and try to climb it.

The top was tricky, and one needed to tightly hold onto the wall in order to make it over the top. My arm screamed in pain, causing me to slip off. I was determined though, and eventually made it over. Rappelling down the other side had it’s own challenge for me as well. I needed the guide to switch the rope from my dominate arm (the fractured one) so I could glide the rope as I propelled down. Due to the language barrier it took a bit to understand what I needed, but with patience and time, I eventually conquered the rock climbing wall.

We then head to our first of two cenotes. The first one is completely underground. We get waterproof flashlights so we can explore this cave and all of the magnificient underwater landscapes.

The second cenote is an open air delight. We are the only people here, so we dive into the depths of this place. I feel like I’m on another planet.

Time for a vegetarian lunch of tasty beans, cactus and rice before we head to the ocean to snorkel, looking for turtles and other sea creatures.

“I’m sorry, we are doing what?”

My fear of sharks surfaces, but I quell it quickly and just focus on the instructions being given. Before I know it, we are in the ocean, the tide pulling me all over the place, but I calm myself down, focus, and get lost in the beauty all around me.

I survive snorkeling in the ocean, numb with delight over all of the turtles, rays and fish I saw. I can’t believe the day that I’ve had, thinking that our tour is over.

But wait, there is more! Our last stop is at a natural lagoon aquarium. We snorkel to our hearts content, seeing huge schools of tropical fish as we make our way through rocky crevasses and underwater caves.

As the day comes to an end, we are offered beers to enjoy as we make our way back to our respective hotels. I sip and marvel at the wonderful first day I had in lovely Tulum.

I do wonder though if I peaked too early with this tour, as I usually like to have my highlight come near the end of my time on Holiday, not on day one.

We shall see if that is the case or not….stay tuned.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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