Silver Falls

The rain is falling lightly as I swing my backpack over one shoulder and slip my arm through the other strap. I’ve missed having my backpack be an integral part of my self. I don’t necessarily need it for today’s hiking through Oregon’s Silver Falls, but, like the warming comfort of an old friend that one has over for dinner, it just feels natural.

The parking lot is empty as I start along the trail, no predetermined way to go. The map seems to indicate that I can do a loop that will take me past all ten waterfalls in the area, covering around eight to nine miles or so. The rain abates as I hit the dirt.

I’m still in a spiritual state of mind (more so than usual, I suppose) and from this I can not help but feel the refreshing spray of the waterfalls being a baptismal of sorts for my soul.

Over and over again I feel reborn.

Behind some of the waterfalls does the trail take me, as well as to hidden caves where one can rest while taking in the Oregon countryside.

I make quick work of this hike, covering all the waterfalls and more. I’m almost tempted to start down a backcountry trail, but decide against it due to no food supplies and a darkening sky overhead.