Comparing apples to oranges is akin to musicians to singer/songwriters.
Both are good, yet each is in a class all their own.
I was able to witness two incredible singer/songwriters this weekend, with their raw emotions flooding the venue in a blanket of heightened emotions.
In hipster glasses, a black hat and rolled up jeans, Sera Cahoone quietly walks on to the stage. She comments on the ominous dark clouds that were over the Wasatch mountains, stating it reminds her of her hometown, Seattle.
She opens with a song called “Naked”, and tells a little story about the time in her life when she wrote the lyrics. Her voice silences the crowd in wonder, and commands our attention.
When Mason Jennings saunters on the stage, we all collectively scream like teenage girls. He sounds amazing, even more so than when I saw him last year in Portland, Oregon.
So many great songs, with a double encore performance to cap the night. Of all the concerts I’ve been lucky enough to hear, those with only the singer and their instruments are the ones I connect with the most.
Intimate. Raw. Beautiful.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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