We could hardly see some of the children at St. Winners, the classrooms were so dark. With no electricity, the school had no light. Not the ideal situation for learning.

So j.D and I decided to climb up on the tin sheet roofs and attempt to put in skylights in each classroom. We precariously walked along the bamboo stick supports so we didn’t fall through the tin roof, cutting a window sized hole that we replaced with clear Plexiglas.

As we cut the first hole, we peered down into the darkness below. The tiny white of the children’s eyes could barely be seen as they adjusted to the new light. I’ll never forget j.D’s reaction to the powerful emotion of seeing their faces.

Such a simple idea that had a profound impact. Build.Create.Kenya provided light for learning. On this Thanksgiving day here in the US, that is what I am thankful for, being able to help others.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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