Laying in the afternoon sun, on fresh cut grass, I whisper “I want a new adventure, will you come with me?”

“yes” she whispers back, and the static between our bodies goes electric.
“Where will you take us?”
I feel the need to be near large bodies of water, empty mountain space, and quiet beachside trails. I look into her eyes..
“let’s go slip slide away into the pacific northwest”
It’s early morning, and between the steam of the coffee cups, I make out the words
“love you”
I ask, “Do you think that things in nature, like trees, rocks, sand, have a soul?”
she replies
“I hope so…”
Just give me one reason to stay here…..


“Do you think, just maybe, it was female?”
she laughs
“That’s a funny idea. Hell hath no fury, you know.”

This has been a perfect weekend for bananafish, I think to myself, and smile.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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