The week of Thanksgiving is finally here, marking the first time for me to be able see my family since last Christmas. Or at least I hope to be able to see them as the Covid pandemic outbreak is currently raging again with an increase in cases recently across the USA.

I’ve taken off the entire week from work so that I could slowly make my way from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. First stop is in St. George Utah and Snow Canyon State Park. Many of my friends have been here, and the park itself proclaims it to be “possibly the greatest State Park in the country, maybe even the world”.

That is one pretty bold statement that I wanted to test out with my own two eyes. I pull up to the southern entrance to the park, looking for a place to park that is relatively unoccupied. I have no such luck, as this park is jammed packed, which is not to conducive for a pandemic, and my extended family is already worried enough about having me visit them.

I drive my way through the park, which is truly stunning, and quickly find the exit. I decide to park here and hike from the top, just to explore. At least there are not any other people around me.

Along a bike path I go, then I find a dirt road that leads to the edge of a cliff with views of Snow Canyon. The light and clouds are perfect on this fine November day.

Is it the greatest State park around? I’m not one to concur or deny, but it is a pretty canyon, no doubt about it. I don’t stay too long though as I need to get to my final destination before arriving into SLC on Thanksgiving, and that destination is the Zion Lodge. I hope Covid doesn’t ruin what I hope to be a magical few days staying inside this special National Park.

On the road again I go…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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