It’s lovely when you just finish your second cup of joe at work, and HR comes in to tell you it’s a holiday so go home.Yeah….we’ve never gotten President’s Day off before, but who am I to argue? It’s a beautiful day to snowshoe!

By mid-morning I’m at the entrance to the Donut Falls trail head. Although 2-5 inches fell up in the mountains the day before, the trail is still fairly packed, and within minutes of hiking I take the snowshoes off.

Snowshoeing turned into snow hiking. It doesn’t take me long to make it to the Falls. Wintertime transforms a familiar landscape into some new, which is the best part about getting up into the mountains at this time of year. The Falls look like avalanche alley. I debate whether to venture further, as many souls across the West have died due to avalanches. Eventually I weigh the pro’s and con’s and head up…

The cave is minuscule compared to it’s summer size, as snow and ice have diminished the opening. Yet the climb is rejuvenating, and I dance a jig with glee.

What can I say, the snow is pretty fly for this white guy….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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