Christmas 2009. For this holiday I had two nieces and a nephew, all my brothers, two wonderful sister in law’s, and my parents as well as Emily’s parents and friends ( all of whom I consider either additional parents/great friends). A good group to spend the day with. Admittedly though, this day does make me melancholy, soberly thoughtful, pensive….

As this day progresses, I catch glimpes of Dad looking distant, with a sad look in his eye. Trudi. It happens to all of us at random moments in time, but on this day it is particularly poignant. So I write this in hopes of alleviating some sadness, and possibly creating a little smile on someone’s face…and nothing does that like seeing a response note left by Santa from little ones letters written and their questions answered…..

I must ask C-bug what he left for old St. Nick….
P.S. I make a killer Sweet ‘tater pie.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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