I’ve had it bad lately. Can’t sleep worth a darn. Can’t stay asleep for long when my brain finally gives in and turns off for a minuscule moment. Most likely need medication. But tonight, instead of restless tossing and turning, I thought about a little snippet my friend Dopey ( friend and fellow blogger, check her out!) wrote about having moved 30 times in her short 28 years of life….

This got me thinking, how often have I packed up my precious belongings in my short 39 years? Am I stable, or a roaming vagabond? So I made a list ( trying to keep it in chronological order, and with a short description of either the place or the co-inhabitants with whom I resided) and you tell me….

Starting in 1988 :

  1. Farmington, Utah – moved into a room of a house. First time on my own. Place crawled with bugs. Lived off Little Caesar’s pizza and spent all my money renting VCR’s and movies.
  2. SLC, 1700 south and Redwood Road. Lived with 2 girls and a guy. Wild, wild times my friends.
  3. 700 east and West Temple. Lived with the love of my life, Kristi, until she moved out to get married. In moved Tamara and her acid taking boyfriend ( he chopped wood in my front room for our fireplace, proceeding to put massive holes in our floor). Had artistic notion to cover every spare inch of wall space with magazine cut-outs. Looked pretty cool.
  4. Centerville-moved in with Denise and Susan into a one bedroom apt. I had the couch.
  5. 800 east and 100 south in SLC. Susan and I become BF and GF and moved here. Best apt ever. Had old fashioned iron wrought heaters in each room, and a claw tub. I loved this place. ( P.S. were are in 1990)
  6. kitty corner from the cathedral in downtown SLC. What a dump. Susan and I broke up.
  7. North Salt Lake off of highway 89. Met an older nurse who had an extra room. She was creepy but the rent was cheap. Saw Nirvana’s “smells like teen spirit” first on MTV, so it was what, still 1990, maybe 1991?
  8. 3300 south and 200 east in SLC. Lived in two apts here, both with Jared. First one we had two bedrooms, 2nd one only had one. Delegated to the couch once again.
  9. 4700 South and 900 West. Met Augusta, moved in with her, her Mother and sister. big mistake.
  10. Left the mother and sis, and Augusta and I rented a house in Centerville, until she slept with our roommates.
  11. back to SLC, 1300 east and 1700 south. Great house with Colby and Angela. they were dating and lived upstairs, I had the whole basement to myself.
  12. Colby and Angie broke up, Colby and I moved to 3600 south and 600 east. party house.
  13. Colby got married, I moved about 1/2 mile down the road to live with Amy and her daughter ( recently divorced)
  14. Got new job, lived on 3300 south and 1100 east. bad pool, and fake wood paneling, with grass green shag carpeting. awesome! ( two different apts. in same complex)
  15. Finally moved in with long time on again off again GF, on 90th south and redwood.
  16. Relationship became off again, and moved to 1800 south and Wasatch Blvd.
  17. Relationship became on again, moved back.
  18. Apt complex building was set on fire by kids playing with matches, lighter fluid, and a BBQ. Moved across the street and down road with GF and kids ( we were building a home at the time)
  19. Home completed! moved to Kearns.
  20. Ended relationship, and with new job, moved to Cottonwood , Arizona. Don’t recommend it.
  21. Stayed for a year, job wanted me back in SLC. Moved in with brother and family until I could get settled.
  22. Got settled, moved to Sugarhouse. Stayed in overpriced, tiny apt. Thought seriously about finally buying a house….
  23. Bought a house in 1995. Have stayed put.

Good grief. It’s not 30 moves, but it’s enough.

P.S. Should mention that in between several of those moves I was stationed at the ‘rents getting my shit together……

6 Replies to “Insomnia…”

  1. Ha! On New Year's Eve I ended up going to the party, but we DID go to the beach on New Year's Day. We wrote down what we would like to let go of on paper and burned them and then wrote what we wanted to invite into our lives over the next year. Just like I imagine the hippies do. Perhaps we are hippies afterall – just in punk costumes 😉

    I am glad I am not the only one who reads blog archives when I can't sleep! I always feel like I am lurking and being creepy! But now at least I know I have a partner in crime!

  2. You are so funny! Did you make it to your cleansing ceremony on the beach?
    My insomnia was causing me to peruse the archives of many a blog….but the main reason for my insomnia was a disconnectedness i was feeling, but I have new new writer/blogger/friend fro mIreland whom I connected with last night that made me sleep most contented!

  3. Holy Guacamole Batman! So many in such a short time! And that tidbit of my 30 in 28 was one from the history books of Dopey! The site…I wasn't referrring to myself in 3rd person. Are you doing anything for the insomnia? I will have to whip you up a little tea!!!! Yay! A project 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment Tina. I love your writing of short stories. So much depth and feeling in such a small amount of space.

  5. I haven't moved as much as that, but there have been quite a few, including countries. Also, I'm usually a good sleeper, but here I am at 2 am, with work tomorrow. Can't bear this not sleeping, but at least I'm getting some blogging done!

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