Good story! I got home late last night from working out at Ogden, and didn’t feel like cooking. i ordered a yummy pizza from Pizza Hut (if you haven’t tried their new pizza with real sauce, not high fructose evil corn syrup, and whole wheat light crust it is divine)…..

The kid shows up around 730 pm, and I thought all was good. One bite into my dinner and the doorbell rings. Strange, i thought, and when i answered it was the delivery kid. He was all disheveled and told me he had locked his keys in his car, with his cell phone, and the car was still running!

Trying not to laugh, and quickly reminiscing about my own experience doing the same thing with my good ole yellow pinto when i was sixteen, I told him to come in (since it was also only about 10 degree’s outside) and we’d figure something out.

He wanted to break his window with a rock (and again I almost busted out in tears laughing thinking how i did the exact same thing) but told him that to call a locksmith and to pay him would be cheaper than to fix the window, not to mention he still had to work and with a broken window, pnuemonia would surely set in…..

I let him stay downstairs to use my phone and wait for the locksmith to arrive while I was upstairs working…i didn’t hear him leave but i did hear a strange crashing noise. i go downstairs and my phone was on the coffee table, he was no where to be found, and i looked outside and the car was gone. i though that maybe the locksmith had arrived quickly, but then i got a call from the locksmith wondering where the car was….

I guess when you are 16 years old, $60 bucks to fork out to a locksmith doesn’t make much sense ( it was all his money from tips that night!). I do hope though he didn’t catch Pneumo and that other people’s dinners weren’t too late…..

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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