Today marks my return to skiing up at Alta for this season. With all the snow Utah has had lately, the conditions were ideal for my initial descent. Met some great, and some interesting, people going up the lifts. Started up chatting with an English chap (couldn’t make out the place he was from), then from there I kept running into these 3 guys from somewhere on the East Coast. They were hiliarious as they kept trying to light their smokes (and smoke a bowl) while going up the lift, and all they were accomplishing was dropping their poles, gloves, etc… the entire time and they couldn’t figure out why they were having such bad luck! It was classic. After them, I met a nice older couple from Sandy who was wondering if I just made it up to ski during my “College Break”. Granted since I had on a hat and goggles determining my age would have been difficult, but it still made me laugh internally with uncontrollable delight….I did let them know though that I was done with school…

After enjoying about 12 runs, I had to call it a day before I hurt myself. Don’t want to break any more bones this year.

I also met this real cool couple that actually hikes up the other side of Alta. They invited me to go next time as they are there every Saturday. Not sure I’m up to the task, but we’ll see…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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