Recognize that the quickening of your heartbeat is not related to a heart attack, but the beauty of the towering mountain peaks you are witnessing.
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Love the fact that when you go to the local grocery store to get sustenance, you don’t have the option of choosing plastic bags, and relish the sideways look you’ll get from the checkout person if you don’t bring in your own environmentally friendly cloth carrying bag. Here’s a tip, bring your backpack to use.
Rub your hands along the old wooden buildings that line Main Street, thinking about the brave pioneers of yesterday that battled the wilderness and the elements of the western frontier many years ago.
Stay in one of the many historic hotels along Main Street. I recommend the New Sheridan Hotel. Open a window and let the cool mountain air fill your senses as you watch clouds race across the mountains while the sun goes down. Listen to revelers on the street come out of a local bar or restaurant, talking a bit to boisterously about their meal or tasty libation. Enjoy a wedding ceremony conducted on Main Street.

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Find the free gondola ride just a few blocks down from Main Street. Enjoy a local brew, then ride up to the top of the mountain on the gondola to see Telluride from above. Hike down while you still have a buzz, looking for moose, elk and eagles.
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If these steps don’t produce that warm and giddy feeling of love, repeat over and over.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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