In 2013, I started a “stories from the trail” series to track my hikes I was planning on doing along the Wasatch Front here in northern Utah. Sadly I only made it to chapter three.

But my life spent outside isn’t set by timetables or deadlines, rather I pick up where I previously left off, no worse for wear.

Broad Forks Basin seemed like a decent hike to start off with for this summer. A little over three miles round trip, with an elevation climb of 1,900 feet. I should have done a little more research on that last statistic though, as the climb was almost entirely vertical, and kicked the proverbial shit out of me.

I was so sweaty initially that I was a spiderweb, flies were sticking to me and couldn’t get leave.

 Case in point…..Yet once I acclimated and hydrated repeatedly, my body accustomed itself and I could focus more on the natural beauty than my own pounding heart and lungs. When I arrived to the basin, Mother Nature stole my breath instead of the elevation.I made my way through the brush and climbed to the highest point on a pile of rocks. It seemed to be the ideal place to read the book I’d brought.I opened “Meaning of the Qur’an”. It stated it was a guidance for mankind, but my true objective for reading came from my Qur’an Incident in 2011. It has taken me awhile to get to, but this seemed to be the prime time to delve more into that experience.Verily, We have revealed to you this Book with truth for mankind; so whoever accepts guidance benefits his soul and whoever strays away hurts his own soul. Nor you are set over them to dispose of their affairs.”
(Qur’an 39:41)

With an open mind I turn page after page as clouds slowly pass overhead, the sun gently kissing my forehead and ants scurrying on the rocks below.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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