Recommended hike # 2 was to Desolation Lake. Since their is more than one trail that leads here ( from different canyons), I was unsure if I’d done it before. When I arrived at the lake, it hit me….
this was the last hike I did with little Bro and little Sis before I moved to Arizona in 2003.
I stood at precipice’s where the three of us took in the beauty of the mountains, on rocks were we threw sticks for the dogs to chase into the water. Good memories flood my consciousness.
The total mileage will be 7.4 miles when completed. At the proverbial halfway point, I lay down a blanket at the lake shore, open a book, and get lost in the story under the midday sun. It’s been years since I finished a novel, something I wouldn’t believe of myself years ago. Good to get back into old habits.
Desolation lake is crystal clear under the bluest of skies, and tiger salamander’s are out enjoying summer’s rays from underneath the water. A young man would try to catch them, these days I try an alternative approach.
The descent brings yellow to it’s colorful brilliance with fields of wildflowers. Sis would run through them if she was here. I imagine her leaping to and fro.
Feeling free, I pause to take in the smells of Nature, a mountainous scent from her spacious kitchen. Daffodil’s are being scattered, a moment from blowing away in the wind.
I find peace with every step in hiking Desolation. Current and past memories congeal in a tasty batter that has me licking my lips for more.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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