Stuppes Loop

As I was making my way through Joshua Tree National Park, I find a relatively empty trailhead parking lot that marked the beginning of the Stuppes Loop trail. I had no intended destination, so this seemed like as good a starting point as any to wander into the desert…

A backpack to carry water, no shirt and baggy shorts seem to be my normal attire these days in the desert, especially in late October. Sometimes I seem to be on a collision course with death, and that eventually one of these solo adventures will end with a sadly familiar story about a single hiker that went missing and found dead days later.

Until that day comes though, shouldn’t we all be living the life we want, following the adventures we think will bring us the most joy, looking deep inside ourselves to try and discover who we really are?

Let that be etched in stone as my epitaph.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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