I passed the most beautiful sight along Interstate 90 in South Dakota, a field full of sunflowers in the late afternoon of an Autumn day. I took the next exit to try and get closer.
Typical of the mid west, you drive along a dirt road with endless farm land on both sides in hopes that it will eventually lead you in the right direction. For awhile I only see tractors and other machines used by farmers, but not the field of sunflowers I spotted from the road.
Turning left on intuition, I come to the edge of the mighty field. Giant green stalks hold the bright yellow heads, bowing slightly due to it’s weight and what I perceive to be sadness over the knowledge of the coming winter.
It’s hard to describe the feeling you have out here, in the stillness of it all, yet not alone.
A moment of happiness and joy bolted through my body from the power of the beautiful sunflower.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?