The winter pollution inversion here is smothering me, like a psychopath covering it’s victims mouth with a dirty, oily, stained blanket.

The suffocating air caused my normally healthy immune system to fail over the weekend and I succumbed to the flu.  Being too weak to drive to the store, I was forced to use whatever western medicine was at home.

Thank goodness, I was able to drag myself to the store Monday, and get some healthy, natural stuff, which is more my style…as well as my Aussie holistic Mum providing me with some oils to rub on da body…

And although the oils burned my skin red raw, and the natural drink looked like, well…( I’ll let you judge)

the natural ingredients worked their magic like no western over the counter crap ever could. ( Of course I need to do more research about what the heck Spirulina, chorella, and barley and wheat grass do…)
And to top it all off, Aussie holistic Mum opened my eyes to Trace Minerals, although I am somewhat concerned when the ingredients listed here include things such as Arsenic and Tin. But I suppose that is why they are called “trace”
Suggestions for other natural remedies for the flu are more than welcome, since I have my BIG adventure in two days, and really want to feel my best.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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