It’s a scene you don’t see in Arizona, thickets of forested woods with hidden lakes and cabins that have their own dirt paths that lead to fishing docks.
But in the backcountry roads of Wisconsin, you’ll find this to be commonplace, yet each place is unique and serene all wrapped together with a perfect Christmas bow.
In the early morning light I hear loons waking up the forest with their loud calls as I unhook the straps on the canoe, brush away giant midwestern spiders with a broom, and gently ease the boat into the water.
I slowly paddle out, breaking up the morning serenity along the lake with each stroke as I make my way around Lake Wilipyro.
I can’t recall the last time I’d been in a canoe (could it be 2011 when I was in Peru?) but after a few strokes of the paddle I get my bearing and weight adjusted and start to move with ease around the lake. The fish are jumping, dragonflies are buzzing around me and keeping me company as I look for larger animals along the shoreline.
Perhaps today will be the day to spot a grazing moose, or if I’m extremely lucky, a family of bears.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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