When I first heard from Chels that a friend of her’s was going with World of Difference to Kenya this year, I was ecstatic. Chels was awesome in 2009. She told me that her friend was going alone, and asked if I would look out for her. Having gone alone the past two years myself, I completely related and assured Chels that her friend would be in good hands. When my brother and I arrived at the SLC airport gate to start our adventure to Africa, I told him to be on the lookout for some chick named Kianna. “What does she look like?” he asked. I had no idea, but I was  pretty sure I’d be able to spot her easily enough. I few minutes later, a girl came walking past us. She looked anxious, confused, lost, and a tad scared. I knew it was her, as I had the same look on me my first time. We introduced ourselves, and she told me that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. I tried to calm her down by telling her that on my first trip, I almost bolted out of the airport I was so nervous, but just at that moment two other team members, Ranger and Jodi, showed up, calmed me down, and subsequently I had the best experience of my life.

There really is nothing like traveling halfway around the world with someone you’ve never met before, and with your brother. You bond so closely, at least we did. For me, it felt like my little sister was back with us, and the three of us were off on another adventure, having the time of our lives.
By the time we arrived in London, and made it into the city to sightsee during our layover, we already had nicknames.
Zombie Butt : Kianna
Poopypants : Jared
Timonface : me
I could try to explain how we came up with these nicknames, but it is just one of those inside jokes. I’m sure everyone can relate. What I can tell you is that these two people made this trip especially meaningful and fun this year, and for that I’m very grateful. Kenya is a great place because of it’s people, and to have such awesome team members to share Kenya with is priceless.
I could ramble on forever about all the good times we had, but I don’t want to bore you. Instead, I’ll just give you the highlights :
  • Eating fish ‘n chips at the coolest pub in London.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( aka poopypants)
  • Wenis
  • Ox Balls ” I was ok until I bit into the testy….”
  • “I think your brother just got hit by a shovel….”
  • “Bucket Up!”
  • Ralph, the tastiest lobster ever
  • “I know how to get the cement out of my shorts…”
  • “ooohhhh, I hope it’s rice and noodles for dinner”
  • Riding the DFW terminal tram, just for fun.
  • Getting a new water bottle almost every day for two + weeks.
  • Fanta
  • Mangos and pineapples
  • Sheepskin hats
  • Matching Maasai anklets from a Maasai warrior.
  • “Bucket down!”

These are just some that I can recollect for this post.

2 Replies to “The Adventures of Zombie Butt, Poopypants, & Timonface”

  1. Chelsea! First, thank you so much. It is so great to hear from you, as it just takes me back to all of our awesome times we had.

    I wish I could stop by, but I'm in Arizona. I'm sure Ki will tell you all kinds of good stories.

    Love ya'll too!

  2. scott that video was beautiful! I loved it. I am so so happy you guys had another amazing trip and your brother was with you and you met Kiki! This trip looked amazing. I miss you scott!! I am meeting Ki for lunch today at the pie to hear more and more about everything you guys did. {if youre in the area you should stop by 1230 😉 } love ya scott! Thanks for sharing your experiences i loved it

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