It all started with an e-mail, an invitation to check out a new music blog,
Poking Smot.
A clever name, so I went along to see what it was all about.
The artist featured that day was The Aristocrats. I hit play, liked what I heard, bought their CD, checked out their website.
Found out they were playing in Seattle in a couple weeks.
Booked airfare, got a room, scored a ticket for the show.
Arrived yesterday, went to the Pike Market, found an old bookstore to hide in from the drizzle outside,
had a cup of chowder and some jazz apples.
Got some books and went back to the street to people watch
until a small coffee shop with big leather chairs called my name, and so I disappeared for a few hours by the fire.

Night comes, and I walk down the dark stairs, get a drink, and head into the Jewel Box Theater. The band starts playing a little after 11 P.M, to a crowd of thirty, small but loud.
They talk like Spinal Tap, play like true rock n’ roll musicians.
A few hours of sleep after the show, then I brave the early morning wind through empty downtown streets to the light rail station, hop on the plane, then end up here…
sharing my weekend with you.

2 Replies to “The Aristocrats”

  1. Absolutely. The times I've been to London have only been when traveling to Kenya, so it's only been for a few hours with a host of others.

    But I would love to come back just to see the country, and have a cup.

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