I’m seeing how fickle Mother Nature can be as I come to the same grasslands of the Serengeti for my fourth time in five years. Grasses so high you can barely see the predators that lie in wait.
Waiting for food that hasn’t come…
The African rains have been plentiful this year, the grass higher than I’ve ever seen it. Yet the herds of migrating wildebeest have yet to make it here. No one knows why, only Mother Nature. Lions and man alike patiently wait.
I use the quiet time in the nothingness to think about life, choices made and the subsequent consequences. The realization that all choices thus far have brought me here, to this place of beauty. With that thought, I find contentment with the hard road that life can sometimes be.
In the empty you can be pleasantly surprised in the blink of an eye. Rounding a corner, or behind a tree you may just find something that takes your breath away.
After driving for hours, we decide to stop and have lunch. Their are no picnic areas, we just find a large Acacia tree, form a semi circle of protection with our two vehicles, and eat with one eye scanning the landscape looking for movement in the tall grass that could mean potential trouble.
Each safari is it’s own unique adventure, this year being no different.

Only I change, hopefully for the better.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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