In 1917, Colonel William Boyce Thompson served as co-leader on a Red Cross mercy mission to Russia. It was on this trip that he learned the valuable importance of plants as a source for man’s food, clothing and shelter.
On that trip he decided to use his great wealth to improve the use of plant resources. The Boyce Arboretum is one of his legacies.
Founded in 1920, it is Arizona’s oldest and largest botanical garden. I’ve now been in Arizona a little over a month, and this was my second trip to this special place.
I hike the upper trail, watching for rattlesnakes, yet none cross my path, only strange and interesting lizards. The blooming of the desert Spring cacti flowers is in full onslaught, the bee’s are busily buzzing from plant to plant.
I watch the pollination dance with mystic wonder.
With each step, the desert grows on me fondly.
It feels like the the beginnings of love, or perhaps even something much greater….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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