The Caldwell Cabin

It’s nearing the end of another brutal summer in the valleys of Arizona, but if one drives a few hours up country, you’ll find cooler temperatures, pristine natural wooded beauty, and perhaps even a lone Mexican grey wolf or a black bear. So begins my adventure to the Hannagan Meadow area and the Caldwell Cabin located in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona.

Originally built in the 1920’s by the Caldwell family as a local homestead, the cabin was later donated to the US Forest service and used as a work station for rangers and scientists. In fact an older gent that used to work for the Forestry dept. back in the 1960’s stopped by with his wife to see his old work place, and told me tales of his time up here back in the day.

The open meadow reminds me of my youth in the mountains of Northern Utah where I spent time as a young scout.  I have no TV or WiFi up here, in fact I’m pretty much off the grid. I use my disconnectedness from the world to watch summer storm clouds race by as large herds of elk slowly graze their way past me.

I set up time lapse cameras for hours, then tend to my fire and cook fresh meals when hunger strikes. I explore old trails, listen to the birds sing their love songs early in the morning, crickets continue the concert of chirping into the night. A lone coyote howls in the distance.

The Caldwell Cabin has everything that I need for a couple of days, but more importantly, I discover a peaceful way of life that truly fits how I want to live out my remaining years.

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