The Desert Sands Vintage RV park

I’m obsessed lately with seeing and trying to capture our galaxy at night on camera. As a child I took for granted the Milky Way above me, the shooting stars and overall beauty that the night sky surrounding our planet offers us humans.

These days, most people have to travel to dark sky communities or go way out into Nature to see the wonders of the universe above our heads. I highly recommend that one takes every opportunity to do so, as it is a perspective that can change your way of thinking.

I hear about an International Dark Sky community located in the California desert called Borrego Springs , and the next thing I know, I’m road trippin’ my way across the desert from Phoenix for the weekend.
 I find a vintage RV trailer that I can stay in through AirBnb, and learn upon my arrival that the trailer is located in a vintage RV park. Quiet, isolated and full of quirkiness, I start out my time in Borrego Springs checking out the airstream trailers and other RV’s that are housed here.
 It’s the perfect way to start a great weekend in the desert.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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