the Elephant Trees Trail

Stretch and I rise to our last day out in the Borrego desert. We get the truck ready to hit the dirt trails in search of the elusive Elephant Trees. No need for a shower, I like the feel of sweat that is already running down my back from the heat.
Lost we get out here. The desert can be such a cruel bitch mistress. I keep calm, hydrate, and get my bearings once again. We rumble along the dusty roads until the sign for the trail eventually becomes visible.
Deep we are out here. Alone yet unafraid. I leave Stretch with the truck and start hiking in the solitude. My thoughts are my only companion.
I catch a glimpse of my body in the reflection of the sunglasses on my face. I see a body that is somewhat emaciated. The weight I’ve lost has me looking like  malnourished geriatric.

Time affects all of us, and that realization becomes more apparent to me every day. I come to the Elephant Tree and slowly run my hands over its smooth bark and wonder how much time has passed during its lifetime, and how much more time does it have left?
How much time do any of us have?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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