As the group arrived at St. Winners on the first day of the project, it was apparent what our primary task would be….the poor, dilapidated fence around the front courtyard.

Nails were protruding from the dirty and broken fence posts. Build.Create.Kenya recognized that the school needed to look like a bright centre for learning, outside and in.

So the ten of us went to work. Having no electric sanders, we used small, ripped squares of sandpaper and tirelessly sanded down each board, inside and out.

Once sanded down, nails and broken pieces of the fence line repaired, we worked laboriously on painting new, bright colours to match the enthusiasm of the school and it’s teachers and children.

Coat after coat of paint was needed, but over the two weeks B.C.K. was with St. Winners, slowly the fence started to come together, as the team bonded with each other, the students and community of Nairobi.

When the time came for us to leave, the bright paint on the fence matched the spirit of the school we left, and the joy in our own hearts from being able to give to others.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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