Winter has come early to the place I call home, bitter cold temperatures, heaps of snow and ice covering everything in Christmas white. It’s a good look for the Holidays, but I needed a weekend away in the desert.

The Indian Canyons in Palm Springs are a good place for easy hiking in the warm California winter sun. One can search for a hidden Oasis without worry of finding belly crawling serpents.

As luck would have it, the canyons just re-opened from a disastrous flash flood that wrecked havoc a few weeks earlier. Nature wiped the canvas clean and started a new landscape of art among the rocks and palm trees.

In the cloudless blue sky you can faintly hear the music of the Native Americans that call this sacred land home. Flute notes dance among the cacti and palm fronds.

Waterfalls and small pools open for reflection of both beauty and introspection.

I take the time to appreciate both as the sun sets over the mountains.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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