The final sunset of 2017 in Lajitas

My time in Big Bend is coming to a close. I swing my leg over Rusty’s saddle and get ready to embark into the Lajitas mountains for the final sunset of 2017.
I strike up a friendly conversation with the girl that is leading us along the trail. She is much younger than I am, yet I am attracted to her outdoor lifestyle and free spirit. For a moment I think that she may feel the same way about me.

Intimacy and dreams, indeed. I have so much hope inside me on this last day of 2017. The optimism for what the future may hold in store has me absolutely giddy.
We reach the desert plateau, start a fire and break out the celebratory wine. The clouds cooperate and create a stunning sunset. The wind is chilly and we all huddle like close family members around the glow of embers as the sun goes down.

I stand closer to the girl, or maybe she is standing closer to me.

Whatever the case may be, we make a pact to saddle bag the rest of the wine until the party later in the evening.
I feel accomplished not only in what I’ve done out here in Big Bend, but with 2017 in general.

It’s been a good year, no doubt about it.
Lets kiss this wine and welcome in the New Year. Let any troubles and worries you may have float on by.

Become a bridge over troubled waters.

I will ease your mind.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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